“Democrat Dean Phillips challenges President Biden in primary race.”


“Guess who’s throwing their hat into the ring for president? None other than Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips! He made it official in a low-key event outside the New Hampshire State House, surrounded by a mix of supporters, staff, and curious onlookers. Phillips is all about shaking things up, calling for a fresh wave of Democratic leaders.

In his own words, “It’s time for a change, folks!” The third-term congressman is gunning for that Democratic nomination, ready to steer the ship towards a more secure and prosperous future. Let the presidential journey begin!”

“During a chat on his campaign bus in Concord, Phillips spilled the beans on why he’s taking on the “terrific president” Biden. Worried that Biden might not fare well against Trump in a rematch, Phillips tried nudging him to step down and even attempted to rally other Democratic contenders for the primary. When those attempts fell flat, Phillips decided to jump into the ring himself.

“This wasn’t about me,” Phillips clarified to CNN. “But seeing the President not rallying others and ignoring the ticking clock forced me into action. It seems like President Joe Biden might be on the losing end in the next election.”

Phillips, who recently stepped down from his House Democratic leadership role due to disagreements within the party, has long argued that Biden’s age and sagging approval ratings would make him a shaky contender in a general election. But his campaign kickoff is happening at a time when Democrats are trying to rally behind Biden, keep independent spoilers at bay, and showcase the administration’s wins. Biden’s supporters, however, see Phillips’ run as a distraction that only highlights the president’s vulnerabilities.”

Phillips and his crew are dead serious about giving Biden a run for his money, and it’s not just a New Hampshire affair. Chatting with reporters in Concord on Friday morning, Phillips dismissed the idea of running just for the fame game, calling it “foolish.” According to him, enduring the arrows, mean-spiritedness, aggression, and sacrifices of a campaign is no joke if it’s just about name recognition.

Steve Schmidt, the brains behind Phillips’ campaign and a former Republican player turned advisor, spilled the beans to reporters on Friday. Phillips is gearing up for a campaign blitz, with plans to host more than 119 town halls in key Democratic primary states—New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Michigan.

Schmidt, who jumped ship from the GOP in 2018 and has campaign experience with the likes of George W. Bush and the late John McCain, laid it out plainly: “To be the Democratic nominee, you’ve got to clinch that first race.” Let the campaign trail adventures begin!

In his bid against Biden, Phillips isn’t just about the campaign drama—he’s throwing down on policy too. In his announcement speech, he pointed fingers at the escalating costs burdening Americans, suggesting a rethink on where the Biden administration is sending foreign aid. Phillips argued that the aid packages earmarked for Ukraine and Israel could be better spent tackling domestic issues. The gloves are off, and policy debates are taking center stage in this showdown.

Dean Phillips is not holding back in his challenge against Biden. He’s been to the southern border, deeming it both insecure and inhumane, and he’s not afraid to call out the Biden administration for its foreign aid allocations to Ukraine and Israel, suggesting a redirection to domestic issues.

The campaign strategy is causing a stir within the Democratic Party. Biden won’t file for the New Hampshire Democratic primary, and with Phillips in the mix, Democrats are launching a write-in campaign to avoid an early embarrassment for the President. Phillips has already thrown $50,000 into ad time in the state.

Despite his lack of name recognition compared to other Democratic contenders, Phillips is going all-in on New Hampshire, emphasizing the importance of personal engagement with voters. His campaign has faced criticism, especially in South Carolina, but Phillips remains undeterred, hoping to be the remedy to what he sees as a political disease.

Having parted ways with House leadership, Phillips is now free to speak his mind, expressing concerns about Biden’s age and approval ratings. In a recent poll, two-thirds of Democrats wanted someone other than Biden, citing age as a major concern. Phillips is calling for Democrats to listen and act, fearing another Trump administration if they don’t.

Biden’s overwhelming favoritism within the party and his substantial fundraising lead haven’t deterred Phillips. With a focus on town halls and small-dollar donors, he’s ready to take on the challenge, emphasizing the need for new leadership and a fresh approach. As the 2024 landscape takes shape, Phillips is determined to be the change he believes the party needs.


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