England vs. Italy Livestream:


England’s Quest for Euro 2024: Decoding the Wembley Drama Against Italy

England vs. Italy Livestream:


England vs. Italy Livestream: In the throbbing heart of football fervor, England stands on the cusp of Euro 2024 qualification, poised for a crucial Group C showdown against Italy at the iconic Wembley Stadium. Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions, leading the group by a commanding three points, eye a definitive victory that would guarantee their presence in next summer’s spectacle in Germany.

England vs. Italy Livestream:The Wembley Saga: A Shot at Redemption

This clash carries an emotional weight, marking the first encounter between England and Italy at Wembley since the unforgettable Euro 2020 final. A night etched in history where Italy clinched victory in a penalty shootout, leaving Southgate and his squad yearning for redemption.

Spotlight on Stars: Jude Bellingham’s Strategic Role

The spotlight falls on Real Madrid midfielder Jude Bellingham, anticipated to play a pivotal role in an advanced position for England against Italy. His dynamic style and midfield prowess inject an additional layer of anticipation into an already electrifying clash.

Jude Bellingham

Match Particulars: England vs. Italy

England vs. Italy Livestream:The grandeur of Wembley Stadium sets the stage for this high-stakes encounter scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 17, with kickoff at 7.45 p.m. BST local time, promising a spectacle for football enthusiasts across the globe.

Global Viewership: Navigating the Online Game

For those unable to witness the game locally, the strategic use of a VPN becomes paramount. A VPN not only ensures uninterrupted streaming but also acts as a shield against ISP throttling. Here’s an exhaustive guide on how to capture the action from any corner of the world.

VPN Mastery for Seamless Streaming

When local options fall short, a VPN becomes the passport to an immersive viewing experience. ExpressVPN, our Editors’ Choice, shines with its reliability and compatibility across an array of devices.

Legalities and Leak Prevention

It’s crucial to underline that utilizing a VPN for sports streaming is legally sound where VPNs are above board. Ensuring the correct VPN setup is imperative to thwart leaks, as even in legal jurisdictions, streaming services may enforce blackout restrictions.

Television Streaming Services: Gateway to Live Drama

For enthusiasts favoring traditional TV streaming, here’s a guide to the finest options to witness the England vs. Italy clash live.

Live Streaming in the US

Tuesday’s showdown graces Fox Sports 1, accessible via Sling TV. The Blue plan, priced at $45 a month, encompasses Fox Sports 1. To catch this match, augment your experience with Sling’s Sports Extra bundle for an additional $11 a month.

Free Streaming in the UK

Channel 4 holds the rights to broadcast all of England’s Euro 2024 qualifiers live in the UK. Match coverage begins at 7 p.m. BST, and you can savor the game for free on the Channel 4 website and the All 4 app.

Canada’s Exclusive Stream

Canadian viewers can opt for DAZN Canada, boasting exclusive rights to every Euro 2024 qualifier. With a monthly subscription cost of CA$25, DAZN opens the gateway to a plethora of sports content.

Australia’s Optus Sport

Optus Sport emerges as the go-to platform for Australian football aficionados, presenting live coverage of select Euro 2024 qualifiers. Prices commence from AU$7 a month, making it an enticing option for fervent soccer fans Down Under.

Pro Tips for Streaming Euro 2024 Qualifiers with a VPN

Mastering seamless streaming involves navigating four pivotal variables: ISP, browser, video streaming provider, and VPN. Here are quick tips to elevate your streaming experience:

  • In case your desired location isn’t a default option in ExpressVPN, leverage the “search for city or country” feature.
  • Verify that your streaming service account’s registered address aligns with the correct viewing area.
  • For smart TVs devoid of VPN apps, install the VPN on your router or mobile hotspot for pinpoint location accuracy.
  • Opt for VPN providers with crystal-clear instructions for router installation, a crucial aspect for smart TV services.


As the curtain rises on the England vs. Italy spectacle, football enthusiasts globally await a clash of titans at Wembley. Whether through VPNs or traditional TV streaming, the avenues are diverse, ensuring fans savor every moment of this pivotal Group C qualifier.


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